30 April 2020

Lessons for travellers from COVID-19

The coronavirus pandemic will eventually pass and life will return to normal. Before too long planes will be flying again, cruise ships will be sailing again, and people will be travelling again. Following COVID-19, what advice would I give to someone about to travel? The two best pieces of advice I can give are:

1: Use an accredited travel agent to organise your travel
The value of having a good travel agent to support and assist you when something does go wrong cannot be overstated - just like having a human insurance policy.

2: Make sure you have good travel insurance
Cheap insurance is cheap for a reason - limited cover and exclusions for things such as epidemics and pandemics. Read the PDS (product disclosure statement) before you pay - know what you're buying.

The internet has made it a breeze for anyone to organise their own travel online. It’s great fun playing travel agent and finding that absolute bargain, be it an airfare, accommodation, insurance, or a tour. It’s all so easy. Until something like COVID19 comes along.

Link: Lessons for travellers from COVID-19.

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