24 September 2015

Saluti da Lecce

We are now more than half way through the September 2015 Lecce Italian Language Experience and it has been one highlight after another. Trips along the Adriatic coast and to the beautiful regional towns of Otranto and Copertino; a bike ride through olive groves and villages between Acaya and the WWF listed coastal national park at Le Cesine finishing with a visit to Masseria Cinque Santi and a delicious cheese and wine tasting, As always cooking lessons with the wonderful Gianna have been an absolute highlight.

This Friday(25 September) we are off to Gallipoli then on Sunday we go to Bari the capital of Puglia for lunch at La Cecchina in the old town followed by a visit to the Basilica San Nicola - home of the remains of St Nicholas aka Santa (who also happens to be black). Our day in Bari finishes with a night at the Teatro Petruzzelli - and a performance by the Spanish Dance Theatre.

Language lessons every morning Monday to Thursday make for a very enjoyable and full program.

Thinking about coming in May 2016? Find out more - The 2016 Lecce Italian Language Experience - May. The current earl-bird airfares end soon so act now.

Please feel free to email me if you have any questions.

Raffaele Tardivo