08 October 2014

Lecce 2014 - we are back. Get ready for 2015.

The 2014 trip was just fantastic. Thirteen of us went in the end for four weeks of Italian language, food and culture. The weather was almost perfect - warm and sunny most days with many opportunities to swim in the beautiful Adriatic and Ionian seas.

Too many highlights to single one out - but if I had to name one the standout would be our night at the opera in Bari in Teatro Petruzzelli - one of the great opera theatres of Italy

Check out the Learn Italian in Lecce Facebook page for more information and pics.

Time to get ready for 2015 when there will be two tours - in May and in September. Email me at raffaele.tardivo@adam.com.au if you are interested in joining us and as always enquires from people not living in Australia are very welcome. The full program for May, including costs and dates will be released soon.

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